For persons who have been a New Zealand Registered Architect before, a simplified application procedure applies. Case studies are NOT required. You can apply for registration under Pathway 4 at any time.

Application Form
To begin the process, please fill out the application form.

The fee for a Pathway 4 initial registration assessment is $632.50 (GST included). The fee must be paid with your application and may be paid in the following ways:

  • A New Zealand cheque payable to New Zealand Registered Architects Board or NZRAB attached to your application.
  • Visa or Mastercard payment facility on the NZRAB website. Please note this payment method on your application form.
  • Electronic transfer to: NZRAB – ASB – Wellington. Please note this payment method on your application form. As a bank transfer reference, please cite P2 and your last name. The NZRAB bank details are 12 3192 0032560 00.  If paying from an offshore bank, please instruct your bank that, in addition to your fee, you will also pay the bank charges for both your bank and the NZRAB’s receiving bank in New Zealand.

Once your application form has been received and the application fee paid, you will be interviewed by an evaluation panel of two registration assessors who are experienced architects.

Please note - the application form advises the interview is expected to be held within approximately 8 weeks however due to the large number of applications currently received interviews will now occur in 3-4 months.

The following outlines what the registration assessors will be looking for.

Working in architecture overseas
If you have been working in architecture overseas, the evaluation panel will need to see that your knowledge is still current about aspects of the architectural process that are specific to New Zealand.

Specifically, the registration assessors will want to know how, when designing a complex building in New Zealand, you would:

  • establish an appropriate procurement method and complete contractual arrangements with all participants
  • provide contract administration of a project
  • establish and maintain an architectural practice
  • understand and comply with the applicable New Zealand statutory and regulatory requirements.

In addition, you should provide information on projects you were involved in and professional development that you did while overseas. This should be part of a comprehensive illustrated CV.

Not practising
If you have not been practicing at all for some time, you will need to demonstrate that your architectural skills and knowledge are sufficiently up to date. The fact that you were once a New Zealand Registered architect will be recognised, but the registration assessors will need to be assured that you are safe to practice now, given the current architectural context. As a starting point, you should provide a CV describing the work you did as an architect.

If you have not been practising architecture for some time, a good option to get your skills and knowledge back up to date may be to undertake supervised work in a New Zealand architectural practice for 6 to 12 months before applying for registration.

Registration decision
After your interview, the registration assessors will make a recommendation to the Board of the NZRAB, based on which the Board will make a decision as to whether you again meet the applicable minimum standard for registration. You will be advised in writing of the Board’s decision.

If you have met the standard, you will receive information about your entitlements and obligations as a Registered Architect and an invoice for your annual Certificate of Registration as a New Zealand Architect. When that invoice is paid, you will be recorded on the New Zealand Architects Register as registered and you will once again be a New Zealand Registered Architect.

If you have NOT met the standard, you will be sent a copy of the registration assessors’ report and recommendation that you be declined. You will also be advised of your right to request a review of the assessment process that was applied to you. The fee for this review is $862.50 (GST included). A review of the decision itself, i.e. whether or not you met the standard, is not permitted.