Architect's Logo

If you are a Registered Architect, you may wish to indicate this to clients and customers. There are a number of ways you can do this.

Firstly, after your name on your letters, emails and business cards you can place the words “Registered Architect”. We recommend you add your registration code or number, e.g.:

Yours faithfully
Bill Smith
Registered Architect (1234)

If it is more convenient, you can use an abbreviation. We suggest Reg Arch, e.g.:

Yours faithfully
Bill Smith Reg Arch

And, if you wish, alongside your name on your business card or after your name on letters and emails, you can use a special variant of the NZRAB logo, which uses the stylised A and the words "NZ Registered Architect", as illustrated.


High resolution images of these three logos are available for you or your graphics designer to download here. The Red A is Pantone 1805 U.

There are some basic rules for using this logo. Specifically:

  1. the logo may only be placed alongside the name of an individual Registered Architect to signify that he or she is a Registered Architect
  2. the logo must NOT be placed alongside the name of a company or architectural practice and must NOT be used to indicate any kind of endorsement for a company or architectural practice
  3. the logo must NOT be modified or tampered with in any way
  4. the logo must be on a white background if the colour variant is being used; otherwise use the monotone variant, with which reversals are also permitted.

Thus, an appropriate use would be:

Yours faithfully
BIll Smith                

If you do not have a current Certificate of Registration or you are in voluntary suspension, you must NOT use this logo or call yourself a Registered Architect.

Architects registered in overseas jurisdictions are permitted under New Zealand law to use the title architect, but they must indicate the jurisdiction, and of course, they must NOT use the NZRAB Architects' logo, e.g.:

Yours faithfully
Bill Smith
Architect (UK registered)

A fact sheet is available explaining how the law works in terms of using the title "architect". If you are still uncertain about how to apply these rules, please call the NZRAB at 04 471 1336.