To apply for a Qualifications and Experience Assessment (QEA), you will need to fill out an application form in which you describe any architectural qualifications and any relevant work experience that you have.

You will need to attach:

  • a certified copy of your qualification(s) and academic transcript(s) if any
  • your curriculum vitae (the application form explains what's required)
  • Project Record Forms (provide Project Record Forms covering at least five year's work where you worked for four or more weeks on each project)
  • a portfolio of work (the application form explains what's required)
  • evidence of competence in the English language (the application form explains what's required)
  • evidence of any disability that you want taken into consideration.

Note that in New Zealand, certified documents must be signed by the authorised witness on every page to confirm that they are true copies.

The fee for this is $517.50 (GST included). The application form describes how this payment can be made.

The information you submit will be assessed by the NZRAB's Qualifications and Experience Assessment Panel (the Panel) which will determine whether or not you are ready to proceed to an initial registration assessment.  An information table summarising the Panel's past decisions is available.

If your architectural studies or work experience are deemed sufficient, you will be entitled to be assessed for initial registration forthwith via a professional conversation.

If your architectural studies and/or work experience are NOT sufficient, you will be told in writing what additional study and/or work experience you need to do. This must be completed within five years of the date of the Panel's determination.

There are no appeals however, on receipt of the Panel's determination, if you have already met one or more of the stipulated requirements, you may submit this information and the Panel may revise its determination.

Once you have met whatever requirements the Panel has set, you will need to provide written evidence that you have done so.  Following that, a new determination will be issued. When your evidence is accepted, you will be advised in writing that you may apply to be assessed for registration.

There is no 'provisional' registration in New Zealand.