FAct sheets and key information

Vision Statement
The NZRAB has articulated a vision for architecture in New Zealand and the role of the NZRAB in that regard.

Your Path to Registration
Fact sheet for recent graduates explaining what becoming registered entails 

Information for New Architects
Fact sheet for newly registered architects to explain their rights and obligations.

Problems with Your Architect?
Fact sheet for persons considering laying a complaint against an architect.

Problems with Your Client?
Fact sheet for architects to ensure they are not the subject of a complaint.

Use of the title "architect"
Fact sheet explaining who can and can't use the title "architect"

The NZRAB is funded from fees paid by architects and registration applicants.

Code of Ethics
All New Zealand Registered Architects are bound by the Code of Minimum Standards of Ethical Conduct for Registered Architects.


Latest NZRAB News

  • Consulting about consultation10 May 2019

    The NZRAB today invited architects to make suggestions in regard to a Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment consultation relating to legisation in the building sector. 

  • Cautionary Note withdrawn2 May 2019

    The NZRAB today advised architects that a Cautionary Note entitled: "Managing clients expectations in regard to project costs" had been withdrawn. Architects were advised that since the note was issued the Architects' Code of Ethics had been amended. Architects were advised to refer to the new code requirement 58B which states:

    Client communication
    A registered architect must—
    a)  ensure that, where applicable, effective systems are in place during a commission to establish and monitor its quality, budget, cost estimates, and time line; and
    b)  advise the client in a timely manner of any significant issues that arise, or are identified, at any time during the commission.  

  • NZRAB Newsletter8 April 2019

    The NZRAB today issued its first newsletter for 2019.

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