The New Zealand Registered Architects Board (NZRAB) is required by statute and regulation to:

  • register architects who have been assessed as competent

  • review each architect's registration every five years

  • maintain a New Zealand Architects Register

  • investigate complaints.

Our vision is New Zealand architects equipped to make the best possible contribution to the built environment.

New Zealand's architects are professionals that typically have been through a five-year architectural education and have all undergone a rigorous registration procedure. Architects are bound by an architects’ code of ethics, are required to undertake regular professional development activities, and are accountable for their actions to the New Zealand Registered Architects Board.

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FAct sheets and key information

Your Path to Registration
Fact sheet for recent graduates explaining what becoming registered entails 

Information for New Architects
Fact sheet for newly registered architects to explain their rights and obligations.

Use of the title "architect"
Fact sheet explaining who can and can't use the title "architect"

The NZRAB is funded from fees paid by architects and registration applicants.

Code of Ethics
All New Zealand Registered Architects are bound by the Code of Minimum Standards of Ethical Conduct for Registered Architects.


Latest NZRAB News

  • Recognition agreement between ARB, AACA and NZRAB7 March 2022

    The UK, Australia and New Zealand are global leaders in architecture and our architects collaborate on a substantial scale.

    Our registers of architects exist so that anyone using the services of an architect can be confident that they are suitably qualified and are fit to practise. We want this registration process to be as simple as possible, while still ensuring new registrants have what is necessary for safe and effective practice. We have started developing a mutual recognition agreement so that architects with eligible qualifications could benefit from a more straightforward process to register across the three countries.

    This mutual agreement could be transformational in helping architects to share their skills, knowledge and innovative insights across the globe, whilst protecting the public by supporting and upholding professional standards in each country.

    Discussions are at an advanced stage but changes to UK legislation are needed before ARB is able to enter into an agreement. We are pleased that this legislation is progressing and we hope it is implemented quickly.

    We will provide further updates as these discussions develop.

    Further information is available here.

  • From the Chief Executive - February 202223 February 2022

    The Chief Executive has released the first New Zealand Registration Board/ Te Poari Kaihoahoa Ngaio Rēhita o Aotearoa (NZRAB) newsletter of 2022.

    You can view a copy via the following link:

    NZRAB Newsletter February 2022

  • New Cautionary Note published 21 February 2022

    The New Zealand Registration Board/ Te Poari Kaihoahoa Ngaio Rēhita o Aotearoa (NZRAB) has just published a new Cautionary Note on undertaking pro bono work in a safe and professional way.

    The NZRAB issues Cautionary Notes as part of its role to set and maintain the standards for the profession. Cautionary Notes are shared learnings about the standard expected of a competent Architect who is working within the Code of Minimum Stands of Ethical Conduct for Registered Architects (the Code of Ethics).

    Typically these learnings are identified as part of a complaints process, particularly during a process of weighing up what a reasonably competent architect could have done in similar circumstances.

    These shared lessons are intended to aid the Architect profession in maintaining the standards in the current practising environment.

    The new Cautionary Note can be viewed via the following link:

    Cautionary Note 14: Undertaking pro bono work in a safe and professional way


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