• Consultation regarding complaints procedures8 August 2018

    The NZRAB today invited architects and its other stakeholders to take part in a consultation regarding proposed changes to the NZRAB's complaints procedures, intended to make them simpler and less expensive. The consultation document can be viewed here and a graphic of what's proposed here. The deadline for submissions is Friday 14 September 2018.

  • NZRAB temporary office 30 April 2018

    The NZRAB today moved into a temporary office at Suite 11, Level 4, 24 Johnston St, Wellington. This followed the NZRAB having to evacuate its 79 Boulcott St office on 12 April 2018 as a result of seismic concerns.

  • New lay NZRAB Board member sought 28 April 2018

    The government today advertised for a new NZRAB board member, this time a lay-person to represent consumer interests. For more details and/or to apply go here.

  • Annual tertiary education consultation1 February 2018

    Today the NZRAB conducted its annual consultation on educational matters with the three architectural schools providing recognised architectural qualifications and the New Zealand Institute of Architects (Inc).

  • New NZRAB Board member23 January 2018

    A new member of the NZRAB Board has been appointed. She is Wellington-base Architect Gina Jones.

  • Press Statement re Code of Ethics changes18 December 2017

    The NZRAB today issued a press statement explaining that from 1 January 2018 written terms of appointment for architectural work would be mandatory as a result of revisions to the Architects' Code of Ethics.

  • Amendments to the Registered Architects Rules 2006 15 December 2017

    Amendments to the Registered Architects Rules have been gazetted covering fees, complaints procedures and the Architects' Code of Ethics.

  • NZRAB Newsletter12 December 2017

    The NZRAB today issued its final newsletter for 2017.

  • Registration Roadshow23 November 2017

    The NZRAB today completed a roadshow tour of New Zealand explaining initial registration procedures to those interested in registration as part of their future careers as architects.

  • NZRAB Annual Report 20176 November 2017

    The NZRAB today made public its 2017 Annual Report.

  • Briefing to the Incoming Minister6 November 2017

    The NZRAB today made public its Briefing to the Incoming Minister 2017.

  • Largest initial registration round so far13 September 2017

    Today applications for the current initial registration round closed, with 69 applications being received, this being the largest in the NZRAB's history so far.

  • Initial Registration website changes31 August 2017

    The NZRAB today began a series of changes to the initial registration section of its website to make the process easier to understand.

  • Annual Consultation with AACA18 July 2017

    The NZRAB today conducted its annual consultation with the Architects Accreditation Council of Australia, this time in Auckland. 

  • Consultation regarding complaints rules changes21 April 2017

    The NZRAB is conducting a consulation in regard to proposed rule changes relating to how complaints are investigated. For more information and to participate, go here.

  • USA MRA goes live1 January 2017

    The fast-track cross-border registration mutual recognition arrangement that New Zealand and Australia signed with the USA on 21 June 2016 went live today, at least 50 per cent of US states and territories having agreed to participate.  

  • Your Path to Registration1 December 2016

    The NZRAB has prepared a fact sheet entitled "Your Path to Registration" which explains to recent graduates what registration entails and what graduates can do to prepare for when they apply

  • NZRAB Newsletter30 November 2016

    The NZRAB today issued its final newsletter for 2016.

  • NZRAB Annual Report 2016 15 November 2016

    The NZRAB today made public its Annual Report 2015 2016.

  • Code of Ethics Consultation20 July 2016

    The NZRAB today launched a consultation in regard to proposed amendments to the New Zealand Architects' Code of Ethics. The consultation took the form of a consultation document outlining the proposed changes and a response form. Architects and the NZRAB's other stakeholders were invited to take part. The consultation ends on 26 August 2016.  

  • NZRAB Newsletter22 June 2016

    The NZRAB today issued a newsletter to architects.

  • USA MRA21 June 2016

    The NZRAB today announced the signing of a registration mutual recognition arrangement with the United States of America.

  • CPD Points Redact Facility31 May 2016

    The NZRAB today advised the profession of a new facility by which doubtful CPD points claims could be redacted.

  • New registration procedure 19 May 2016

    The NZRAB today advised architects that a new registration procedure was now available for overseas architects living and working in New Zealand. 

  • Press Statement regarding disciplinary proceedings 29 April 2016

    The NZRAB today issued a press statement in regard to disciplinary proceedings involving an architect falsifying his CPD records.

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