Required Work Experience For Pathway 1

The relevant work experience required for initial registration via Pathway 1 is outlined below:

Option 1:

  • 5,250 hours practical experience
  • Of this, 3,550 hours must be subsequent to obtaining the recognised qualification (from the date the degree or proof of eligibility to graduate is provided)
  • At least 1,650 hours must be spent under the direction of a Registered Architect in New Zealand.  Both the supervising architect and the applicant must share the same normal place of work and the supervision must take place on a project by project basis
  • Up to 1,650 hours practical experience may be gained working in other sectors of the building industry, or while self-employed.  Suitable employment would include working with a construction firm, sub-trade, interior designer, designer, quantity surveyor, town planner, urban designer, structural or services engineer.

Option 2:

  • 9,750 hours (5 years) practical experience
  • Of this, 8,000 hours must be subsequent to obtaining the recognised qualification (from the date the degree or proof of date of eligibility to graduate)
  • At least 3,150 must be spent in the practice of architecture in New Zealand.

For both options:

  • Experience periods with a single employer must be not less than 150 consecutive hours (4 weeks)
  • The closing date for practical experience is the date the registration application is submitted
  • Post-graduate study or research (after the recognised degree of eligibility for registration) of up to 1,650 hours may be considered as practical experience
  • For overseas experience to be included, applicants’ overseas employers must provide written references stating the period of employment.


  • Proof of meeting the above options must be provided on the Project Record Form(s) (PRFs)
  • If an applicant has earlier versions of PRFs completed in weeks, these are acceptable.  NZRAB will calculate the weeks to hours to ensure the requirement is met based on a standard 37.5-hour week under the relevant work experience option.

If you don't have the required work experience, you need to apply under Pathway 2.

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