Continuing Registration

The Registered Architects Act 2005 requires that all New Zealand Registered Architects be reviewed every five years to determine whether they are still competent and thereby able to be issued an annual Certificate of Registration for each of the next five years, and continue to work as architects.

The following describes how these five-year “competence reviews” take place.

Step 1
In July each year, architects due for review are sent an email outlining the process and what to expect, which also includes the continuing registration competence review assessment form that the architect fills out and returns. There is no fee for this procedure.

Step 2
Each architect’s assessment form is reviewed by an evaluation panel comprising two experienced architects known as registration assessors. If the architect is assessed as meeting the standard, a recommendation is made to the Board that the architect be granted continuing registration.

Step 3
If the information provided is insufficient, the architect is asked for further written information.

Step 4
After that, if there is still a concern, the architect is asked to meet with the evaluation panel for an interactive assessment, referred to as an interview.

Step 5
After the interview, a recommendation is made to the Board as to whether or not the architect meets the minimum standard for continuing registration.

Step 6
If the Board agrees with the recommendation of the evaluation panel that the architect does not meet the minimum standard for continued registration, it may propose that the architect’s registration be suspended.  Before a decision to impose suspension is made, the architect will be invited to make a written submission in response to the proposed decision. The Board, after considering the submission, will either decide to grant continuing registration, or to impose suspension in accordance with section 13 of the Registered Architects Rules 2005 and Rule 30 of the Registered Architects Rules 2006.

Step 7
An architect who is suspended as a result of a competence review cannot practise using the title architect. However, in the 12 months that follows, that architect is entitled to submit further competence review documentation for assessment. If, by the end of 12 month suspension period, the Board is not satisfied that the architect meets the minimum standard for continued registration, it must cancel the architect's registration.

More information is available on the criteria for making these decisions, including the role of CPD, and other procedural details.