Competence Review Interactive Assessment

If a Competence Review interactive assessment (interview) is required, it works as follows:

  1. The interview is conducted by an Evaluation Panel comprising two NZRAB Registration Assessors who meet with the architect being reviewed by zoom. Face to face interviews can be requested but are dependent on assessor availability. 
  2. The interview can last up to two hours.
  3. The architect can submit prior to the assessment, documentation that they believe provides further evidence, in addition to that already provided, that they meet the minimum standard for continued registration. This could include drawings (both design and documentation) and photographs of recent or current projects, and include documents which will demonstrate sound professional processes in the area of practice the architect is engaged. For example, for a generalist, this could include agreements for services, briefing documentation, tender reports, construction contracts and administration documentation.
  4. In particular, the architect should be able to demonstrate that they have adequate knowledge and understanding of recent changes to the building industry and its regulatory framework, and where relevant to the architect's work.
  5. Also the architect may present further evidence of what they have done to keep professionally up to date. This includes CPD and any other relevant professional development activities.

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