The New Zealand Registered Architects Board:

  • registers architects who have been assessed by their peers as competent
  • confirms every five years that architects continue to be competent
  • maintains an online New Zealand Architects Register
  • investigates complaints and, if need be, disciplines architects.


Vision Statement
The task of architecture is to lead the way in terms of what the built environment can and should be. This goes beyond designing for function, essential though that is. In so far as architecture articulates the national imagination, it contributes to nation building. If the built environment in New Zealand is the best that it can be, then it contributes to the realisation of this nation’s potential.

The NZRAB determines who can be a Registered Architect. In doing this, the NZRAB is mindful of the broader contribution that the profession makes to New Zealand.

More information
If you are interested, you can follow the NZRAB on LinkedIn, or receive by email newsletters and other announcements or specific updates about initial registration.




FAct sheets and key information

Information for New Architects
Fact sheet for newly registered architects to explain their rights and obligations.

Problems with Your Architect?
Fact sheet for persons considering laying a complaint against an architect.

Problems With Your Client?
Fact sheet for architects to ensure they are not the subject of a complaint.

The NZRAB is funded from fees paid by architects and registration applicants.

Code of Ethics
All New Zealand Registered Architects are bound by the Code of Minimum Standards of Ethical Conduct for Registered Architects.


Latest NZRAB News

  • Press Statement regarding disciplinary proceedings 29 April 2016

    The NZRAB today issued a press statement in regard to disciplinary proceedings involving an architect falsifying his CPD records.

  • NZRAB Annual Report 201511 November 2015

    The NZRAB today made public its 2015 Annual Report.

  • NZRAB Newsletter20 August 2015

    The NZRAB today issued its second newsletter for 2015.

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