• Consultation regarding complaints rules changes21 April 2017

    The NZRAB is conducting a consulation in regard to proposed rule changes relating to how complaints are investigated. For more information and to participate, go here.

  • Your Path to Registration1 December 2016

    The NZRAB has prepared a fact sheet entitled "Your Path to Registration" which explains to recent graduates what registration entails and what graduates can do to prepare for when they apply

  • NZRAB Newsletter30 November 2016

    The NZRAB today issued its final newsletter for 2016.

  • NZRAB Annual Report 2016 15 November 2016

    The NZRAB today made public its Annual Report 2015 2016.

  • Code of Ethics Consultation20 July 2016

    The NZRAB today launched a consultation in regard to proposed amendments to the New Zealand Architects' Code of Ethics. The consultation took the form of a consultation document outlining the proposed changes and a response form. Architects and the NZRAB's other stakeholders were invited to take part. The consultation ends on 26 August 2016.  

  • NZRAB Newsletter22 June 2016

    The NZRAB today issued a newsletter to architects.

  • USA MRA21 June 2016

    The NZRAB today announced the signing of a registration mutual recognition arrangement with the United States of America.

  • CPD Points Redact Facility31 May 2016

    The NZRAB today advised the profession of a new facility by which doubtful CPD points claims could be redacted.

  • New registration procedure 19 May 2016

    The NZRAB today advised architects that a new registration procedure was now available for overseas architects living and working in New Zealand. 

  • Press Statement regarding disciplinary proceedings 29 April 2016

    The NZRAB today issued a press statement in regard to disciplinary proceedings involving an architect falsifying his CPD records.

  • Minister appoints new Board members29 April 2016

    Minister Nick Smith today appointed two new members to the Board of the NZRAB, architects Marc Woodbury starting his term on 2 May 2016 and Kimberly Browne on 3 October 2016.

  • NZRAB Annual Report 201511 November 2015

    The NZRAB today made public its 2015 Annual Report.

  • NZRAB Newsletter20 August 2015

    The NZRAB today issued its second newsletter for 2015.

  • Revised Minimum Standards1 July 2015

    Revised minimum standards for initial and continuing registration came into effect today (1 July 2015).

  • New Rules28 May 2015

    Amendments to the Registered Architects Rules 2006 were gazetted today reforming the NZRAB's complaints and discipline procedures (to come into effect tomorrow (29 May 2015)) and introducing revised minimum standards for initial and continuing registration (to come into effect 1 July 2015).

  • Newsletter14 April 2015

    The NZRAB today issued its first newsletter to architects for 2015.

  • Collaboration between Engineers and Architects17 March 2015

    The NZRAB has been a joint sponsor of a publication that explains the need for and how architects and engineers can better collaborate when working together on complex projects. 

  • Australia Canada NZ APEC Architect Arrangement Signed19 February 2015

    The registration authorities of Australia, Canada and New Zealand have signed a mutual recognition arrangement that allows for fast-track cross-border registration for their APEC architects. All three economies are participants in the APEC Architect Project and have issued a joint press statement about the arrangement.

  • NZRAB submission to Australian Productivity Commission16 February 2015

    The NZRAB has made a submission to the Australian Productivity Commission opposing suggestions that Australian architects should be able to work as architects in New Zealand without being registered here.

  • Board Appointment9 January 2015

    The Minister for Building and Housing has appointed architect Louise Wright to the NZRAB Board. Louise is based in Arrowtown, where she co-owns Assembly Architects Limited.

  • Newsletter16 December 2014

    The NZRAB has today issued its third and final newsletter for 2014.

  • NZRAB Annual Report 201419 November 2014

    The NZRAB today made its Annual Report 2014 public.

  • Briefing to the Incoming Minister 201430 October 2014

    The NZRAB today made public its Briefing to the Incoming Minister 2014.

  • Consultation regarding technical competence30 October 2014

    The NZRAB is consulting architects in regard to architects' standards and technical competence. At issue is the way the practice of architecture has become technically more demanding and is taking place in an increasingly complex and litigious environment, to the extent that some in the profession are struggling. Architects are being asked to comment on whether:

    1. there should be an increased emphasis on technical and management competence in architectural qualifications recognised for initial registration?

    2. graduates need to be better trained to take project leadership roles?

    3. architects in general need to become more professional?

  • Architects' Code of Ethics Review12 September 2014

    The NZRAB is reviewing the New Zealand Architects' Code of Ethics and, as a first step, architects have been asked for their views. For this, architects can view the current NZ architects' code and other codes from other jurisdictions and professions.

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