Initial Registration

In New Zealand to practice as an architect one needs to be registered.

There are four separate registration procedures or pathways for becoming registered, depending on each applicant's circumstances.

These are:

Pathway 1: For applicants who have a recognised qualification and the required work experience

Pathway 2: For applicants who do NOT have a recognised qualification and/or the required work experience

Pathway 3: For applicants who have been a New Zealand Registered Architect before

Pathway 4: For APEC Architects from Japan, Singapore or Chinese Taipei.

Australian Registered Architects are entitled to registration in New Zealand as of right (and vice versa).

For advice on the registration process call Andrew Symonds on 04 471 1336 or email

For advice on whether your skills, knowledge and experience are sufficient, call one of the NZRAB’s three Regional Convenors, these being:

Auckland – Tony Orgias – 09 481 0630
Wellington – Callum McKenzie – 04 384 8192
Christchurch – Alec McDonald – 03 366 3524.

If you wish to assemble information for an application later under pathways 1 or 2, you will find the project record form useful.