New Zealand is a member of the APEC Architect Project and currently has fast-track cross-border registration arrangements with Japan, Singapore and Canada. If you are an APEC Architect from either of these three economies, you are entitled to apply for registration in New Zealand under this pathway.

Note that immigration and visa issues are entirely separate and should be taken up with the New Zealand Government.

The procedure for an APEC Architect to seek registration in New Zealand is as follows.

To begin the process, please:

The application form describes:

  • the information and documentation you need to provide
  • the application fee you need to pay and how to pay it
  • how to format and send your application document to NZRAB.

Please follow the application form's instructions carefully.

Note that in New Zealand, certified documents must be signed by the authorised witness on every page to confirm that they are true copies.

A registered architect who, for the purpose of obtaining registration, provides orally or in writing makes any declaration or representation knowing it to be false or misleading, or provides any document knowing that it was not genuine, is subject to disciplinary penalties by the NZRAB under section 25 of the Registered Architects Act 2005.

Applications can be sent in at any time.

All applicants for registration will be able to indicate a preference for their interview to be via Zoom or face to face. If face to face these will be held in Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch. NZRAB cannot guarantee all applicants will offered their first preference.

The interview is a meeting between you and an Assessment Panel made up of two Registration Assessors, who will be experienced architects. The interview takes approx. two hours.

The interview is domain specific, in other words, the registration assessors who you will meet with would cover only those aspects of the architectural process in New Zealand that are specific to New Zealand. The Assessment Panel may also ask theoretical or hypothetical questions and require you to sketch some typical construction details specific to New Zealand.

Recordings of interviews are not permitted however, NZRAB may use the facility in terms of quality assurance and only for review by the Board or Convenors. If the assessment is to be recorded, all parties will be advised in advance.

Registration decision
After your interview, the Assessment Panel will make a recommendation to the NZRAB Board, based on which, the Board will make a decision as to whether you meet the applicable minimum standard for registration as an architect in New Zealand. You will be advised in writing of the Board’s decision.

If you have met the standard, you will receive information about your entitlements and obligations as a Registered Architect and an invoice for your annual Certificate of Registration as a New Zealand Architect. When that invoice is paid, you will be recorded on the New Zealand Architects Register as registered and you will be a New Zealand Registered Architect.

If you have not met the standard, you will be sent a copy of the registration assessors’ report and recommendation that you be declined. You will be advised of your right to request a review of the assessment process that was applied to you. A review of the decision itself, i.e. whether or not you met the standard, is not permitted.