This pathway is for architects from overseas who:

  • have a five-year tertiary architectural qualification
  • are currently or were previously registered/licensed in another jurisdiction
  • have seven years’ relevant professional postgraduate experience
  • have 12 months relevant professional experience in New Zealand in the last three years
  • live in New Zealand
  • are proficient in English.

Applicants who meet these criteria are assessed by interview for which they must submit a Project Portfolio of their work as a basis for discussion. Applications can be made at any time.

Note that the Minimum Standard for Registration as a Registered Architect that applicants must meet under this pathway is the same as for all applicants, the difference being that applicants under this pathway are not required to prepare a Case Study, unlike pathway 1 and pathway 2 applicants.

Application Form
To begin the process, please fill out the application form, which will tell you the information that you are required to provide, including:

  • a Project Portfolio
  • academic transcripts
  • a certified copy of your current registration and/or current annual practising certificates
  • photographic ID
  • proof that you live in New Zealand
  • proof of English language ability (if required)
  • proof of change of name (if applicable).

Note that in New Zealand, certified documents must be signed by the authorised witness on every page to confirm that they are true copies.

Project Portfolio
The Project Portfolio that you are required to provide will be used as a starting point for the interview. The Project Portfolio must contain the following information about four to six Complex Architectural Projects, as defined below (at least two must be built work), with a maximum of two pages per project:

  • Project Name
  • Location
  • Building Type
  • Cost
  • Job Title with explanation of role on project team
  • Project date of completion
  • Project Description; briefly describing the project, include photographs and identifying the architects role and responsibilities across the stages of the project (maximum 500 words).

Complex Architectural Project Definition: Typically, a project of medium scale or larger that requires the skill and knowledge to deliver the resolution and integration of complicated aspects including but not limited to: siting, planning, structure, services, materials, composition and configuration. A complex project is demanding in its ordering and organisation of multiple occupancy and/or special purpose user requirements and requires the integration of cultural, social, environmental and technical issues.

The fee for a Pathway 3 initial registration assessment is $632.50 (GST included). The fee must be paid with your application and may be paid by cheque, Visa or Mastercard on the payment facility on the NZRAB website, or electronic transfer. Details are on the application form.

Once your application has been received and the application fee paid, you will be interviewed face-to-face by an evaluation panel of two registration assessors who are experienced architects. You will be assessed as to whether your experience, skills, knowledge and attitude would allow you to practise competently to the standard of a Registered Architect in New Zealand.

Please note that:

  • typically, where Pathway 3 applicants are unsuccessful the issue is a lack of knowledge about the specifics of the practice of architecture in New Zealand and especially New Zealand contracts for commissioning and construction
  • the application form advises the interview is expected to be held within approximately 8 weeks, but due to the large number of applications currently received interviews will now occur in 3 - 4 months.

Registration decision
After your interview, the registration assessors will make a recommendation to the Board of the NZRAB, based on which the Board will decide whether you meet the applicable minimum standard for registration. You will be advised in writing of the Board’s decision.

If you have met the standard, you will receive information about your entitlements and obligations as a Registered Architect and an invoice for your annual Certificate of Registration as a New Zealand Architect. When that invoice is paid, you will be recorded on the New Zealand Architects Register as registered and you will be a New Zealand Registered Architect.

If you have NOT met the standard, you will be sent a copy of the registration assessors’ report and recommendation that you be declined. You will also be advised of your right to request a review of the assessment process that was applied to you. The fee for this review is $862.50 (GST included).

A review of the decision itself, ie whether or not you met the standard, is not permitted.