New Zealand is a member of the APEC Architect Project and currently has fast-track cross-border registration arrangements with Japan, Singapore and Canada. If you are an APEC Architect from these economies, you are entitled to apply for registration in New Zealand under this pathway.

Note that immigration and visa issues are entirely separate and should be taken up with the New Zealand Government.

The procedure for an APEC Architect to seek registration in New Zealand is as follows.

Step 1
Firstly you need to fill out an application form and pay a fee of NZ $632.50 (GST included).

Note that in New Zealand, certified documents must be signed by the authorised witness on every page to confirm that they are true copies.

The fee may be paid in the following ways:

  • A New Zealand cheque payable to New Zealand Registered Architects Board or NZRAB attached to your application.
  • Visa or Mastercard payment facility on the NZRAB website. Please note this payment method on your application form.
  • Electronic transfer to: NZRAB – ASB – Wellington. Please note this payment method on your application form. As a bank transfer reference, please cite P1 and your last name. The NZRAB bank details are 12 3192 0032560 00.  If paying from an offshore bank, please instruct your bank that, in addition to your fee, you will also pay the bank charges for both your bank and the NZRAB’s receiving bank in New Zealand.

Step 2
Then you will be interviewed by two experienced New Zealand architects, known as registration assessors, who will recommend to the NZRAB Board whether or not you meet the required standard. The interview covers only those aspects of the architectural process in New Zealand that are specific to New Zealand.

Please note - the application form advises the interview is expected to be held within approximately 8 weeks however due to the large number of applications currently received interviews will now occur in 3-4 months.