Qualifications and Experience Assessment
To apply for a Qualifications and Experience Assessment (QEA) you will need to fill out a QEAP application form in which you describe any architectural qualifications and any relevant work experience that you have.

You will need to attach:

  • a certified copy of your qualification(s) and academic transcript(s) if any
  • your curriculum vitae (the application form explains what's required)
  • Project Record Forms you will need to provide up to five years' worth of PRF's to ensure significant experience across all areas. If you feel your relevant experience is further back than five years then additional PRF's will be acceptable.  Any PRF must show that you have worked on a project for a minimum period of four weeks
  • a portfolio of work (the application form explains what's required)
  • evidence of competence in the English language (the application form explains what's required)
  • evidence of any disability that you want taken into consideration.

All documents must be provided as required before an application will proceed to the Panel.  Please make sure you are using the latest form available on the above link before sending in your application and required documentation.

For this a fee of $517.50 (GST included) must be paid. The fee must be paid with your application and may be paid in the following ways:

  • A New Zealand cheque payable to New Zealand Registered Architects Board.
  • Visa or MasterCard credit cards through the payment facility on the NZRAB website. Please note this payment method on your application form.
  • Electronic transfer to: NZRAB – ASB – Wellington. Please note this payment method on your application form. As a bank transfer reference, please cite "New QEAP" and your last name. The NZRAB bank details are 12 3192 0032560 00. For payments made from overseas banks the Swift Code is ASBBNZ2A.  Please instruct your bank that, in addition to your fee, you will also pay the bank charges for both your bank and the NZRAB’s receiving bank in New Zealand.

The information you submit will be assessed by the NZRAB's Qualifications and Experience Assessment Panel (QEAP) which will determine whether or not your architectural studies and work experience are sufficient. An information table summarising the Qualifications and Experience Assessment Panel's past decisions is available.

If your architectural studies or work experience are deemed sufficient, you will be entitled to be assessed for initial registration forthwith. If your architectural studies and/or work experience are NOT sufficient, you will be told in writing what additional study and/or work experience you need to do. This must be completed within five years of the date of the Panels determination.

The Panel may determine either of the following:

  • Proceed to a Pathway 1 application for registation and need to present case studies; or
  • Proceed to a Pathway 1 application for registration as an experienced architect registered in another jurisdiction and not be required to present case studies.

In addition the QEAP may also require that you:

  • Attend any specific courses of instruction; or
  • Spend a specified period of time working under the supervision of a registered architect in New Zealand; or
  • Attend any specific courses of instruction AND spend a specified period of time working under the supervision of a registered architect in New Zealand.

Typically it takes up to eight weeks to fully process qualifications and experience assessment applications, assuming all the required information has been provided and the fee paid, at the end of which you will receive a letter advising you of the result.

There is no appeal process regarding these decisions. However, on receipt of the decision, if you have already met one or more of the stipulated requirements for additional study and/or work experience, you may submit this information and the QEAP may revise its determination.

Once you have met whatever requirements the QEAP have set, you will need to provide written evidence that you have done so.  Following that, a new determination will be issued.

When this evidence is presented and accepted, you will be advised in writing that you may apply to be assessed for registration. This part of the procedure is the same as for applicants that have recognised qualifications and the required work experience. To see how that works, go back to Pathway 1 Step 1.

There is no 'provisional' registration status under the Registered Architects Act 2005.

Please note that these procedures take time, and assumptions of a speedy result should not be made for any application, in particular where work permits or immigration requirements are involved.

Experienced Architects from other jurisdictions
If you are an architect from another jurisdiction with seven or more years’ experience at a senior level, when you have your Qualifications and Experience Assessment (as above) the QEAP at its discretion MAY decide that you will NOT need to present a case study to be assessed for registration. If a case study is not required, you will be advised of this as part of your QEAP determination.

Should the QEAP determine that you will not be required to provide a case study, then your assessment for registration will take the form of a two to three hour interview in which your work, your experience, and the practice of architecture will be discussed. Advice will be included with your QEA determination on how to prepare for this. For that you will be required to present a Project Portfolio, the details of which are described in the application form.

Through this procedure  you will be assessed as to whether your experience, skills, knowledge and attitude would allow you to practise competently to the standard of a Registered Architect in New Zealand.

Should the QEAP determine this option then you will need to complete the experienced architects application form in full.

The fee for this kind of registration assessment is $632.50 (GST included).