Background Information

The Benefits of Registration
Firstly, why get registered? Legally you must be registered if you want to practice as an architect. Others also design buildings (e.g. Licensed Building Practitioners), but by law they are not allowed to describe themselves as architects. There are also professional reasons why being registered is a good thing to do.

Recent Graduates
If you are about to complete your architectural education or have just graduated, then registration is some years away. However, there are things you should know and things you can do now to help prepare for this.

Project Record Forms
If you are an architectural graduate, or an architectural designer or technician, or an overseas applicant where special arrangements do NOT apply, then you need to know about Project Record Forms.

Who can become a Registered Architect
Registration applications typically come from the following:

  • architectural graduates - applicants who hold a recognised architectural degree and have sufficient architectural work experience.
  • architectural designers and technicians - applicants who don't have a recognised architectural degree, but instead they have other qualifications and/or extensive offsetting architectural work experience.
  • overseas architects.

In most cases, the NZRAB decides if a person is able to practice competently at a face-to-face assessment meeting. The only exceptions to this are for some architects from some other jurisdictions, where special arrangements apply.

Registration Pathways
To accommodate different types of applicants, the NZRAB has a series of separate registration procedures that we call Registration Pathways, these being Pathways 1 to 7. To find out more or to apply for registration, go here.

Further Advice
For advice on registration procedures, please call Trish Tchernegovski 04 471 1336 or email

For broader advice as to whether applying for registration is right for you and what the required standard is, please call one of the NZRAB’s three Registration Convenors, these being:

  • for upper North Island, Tony Orgias – 09 481 0630
  • for lower North Island, Nelson and Marlborough, Judi Keith-Brown – 04 384 6446
  • for central and lower South Island, Alec McDonald – 03 366 3524.